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Executive Life Coaching and Transitions Coaching: Managing Family and Career Changes

Guidance & Support

Our Executive Life Coaching and Transition Coaching service is designed to provide invaluable support and guidance to all who are navigating significant shifts in their professional and/or their family lives. Whether you’re juggling the demands of parenting, divorce, pursuing new career opportunities, or managing the complexities of both, our experienced life coaches can help.

This time will be an opportunity to review their academic profile, offer feedback and advice and answer student-specific questions regarding the admissions process.

Tools For Life Transitions

With a focus on helping you achieve personal and professional fulfillment, our service equips you with the tools and confidence to make informed decisions, overcome obstacles, and embrace the opportunities that come with both family and career transitions. Whether you’re changing career paths, reentering the workforce, or adjusting to new family dynamics, we’re here to help you navigate these transitions with resilience and confidence.

 We will talk about specific schools and programs that are applicable to the student and address questions provided on intake forms as well as other questions that come up during the session.

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Secondary School Placement

We help students at every stage of the application process.

College Counseling

Our counselors can meet with students to work on just one component of the application or all of them.

Life Coaching for teens

Coaching for teens and young adults transitioning from high school into college and from college to work.

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