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We offer college counseling both for freshman candidates and for transfer applicants. 

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Our college counseling services encompass expert guidance in profile development, strategic application planning, and meticulous organization of timelines and tasks. We also offer comprehensive application support, including proofreading, ensuring a smooth and successful admissions process.



College counseling empowers students through goal setting, aligning academic achievements with aspirations, enhancing focus, and maximizing success in the college admissions process.



College counselors evaluate student preferences, strengths, and career goals for the ideal college fit, ensuring a personalized and successful educational journey.



College counseling boosts acceptance chances through strategic guidance on applications, personalized essays, and showcasing strengths, maximizing admission success opportunities.

Individual Feedback

Students and parents must submit intake forms and academic profile materials one week prior to their scheduled meeting time. Our counselors will review each student’s profile during team meetings to assess their goals, develop strategies and determine next steps that are personalized to the student.

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Session Breakdown

10 min –  Counselor will share an overview of materials and reiterate student’s goals that have been established by family prior to the meeting

20 – 30 min – Counselor will discuss every aspect of the meeting agenda that is created specifically for that student meeting.

20 – 30 min – Counselor will open the floor to the student and parents to ask questions pertaining to the process and discuss next steps (counselors will share information about our services in the last 5-10 minutes.)

Chapman Education

We'd love to share our knowledge and experience

Sharing knowledge and experiences is paramount in counseling students and families for college admissions. This collaborative approach fosters informed decision-making, empowering individuals to navigate the complex educational landscape confidently.

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Adept Assessment

Counselors assess student materials for college admissions, offering valuable insights to enhance applications and maximize chances of acceptance

Exceptional Support

We offer crucial support for college applications, guiding students and families for a smooth and successful process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

College counseling is a service designed to guide students and families through the increasingly complex and multi-layered college admissions process. Our experts provide personalized advice and support to help your student and your family make informed decisions to find your student’s right educational fit, and in this competitive admissions landscape, strategize to build your profile to ensure you are presenting yourself in the strongest way, potentially increasing your chances of gaining admission to your perfect match college.

During an initial consultation session, we’ll discuss your academic and extracurricular profile as we learn about your goals, interests, strengths, and preferences. Our consultants will provide guidance on the admissions timeline, speak to and advise about your specific profile, answer questions your student and family have about college selection, application strategies, essay writing, interview preparation, and even financial aid.

This is actually how our founder got her start– assisting international students seeking admissions to U.S. schools and universities. So, absolutely we have experience helping international students navigate the U.S. college admissions process, including visa requirements, standardized testing requirements, and application procedures.

It’s advisable to start college consultation services as early as possible, ideally during December or January of the sophomore year of high school. However, we can assist students and their families at any stage of the application process. We also work with non-traditional and adult learners, and work with undergraduate transfer candidates. 

 Yes, our college counseling services cover both undergraduate (Bachelor’s) and graduate (masters, MBA, law JD and PhD program) school essay assistance. We assist with college admissions for a wide range of fields, degrees, etc.

To begin, contact us through our website or by email or phone to schedule an initial consultation. We will ask you to share information with us so that the initial consultation can be impactful and helpful as you begin your college admissions journey. During this session, we’ll assess your needs and goals and tailor our services accordingly.

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Secondary School Placement

We help students at every stage of the application process.

Life Coaching For Teens

Coaching for teens and young adults transitioning from high school into college and from college to work.

Executive Life Coaching

A safe and empowering space to explore your options, set clear goals, and develop strategies.

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